Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have a brace on my wrist (pictured). Several years ago I had a problem with my right hand. I started wearing a brace night and day, especially night and my hand got better. I put the brace away for years and now I am back in it again. I think it is all the typing I have been doing on my thesis. I have 39 cards now. This second picture is of my computer screen. It shows the book I am reading on the left, via Kindle, the card file in the upper right, and the dictionary in the lower right. This laptop computer is a very convenient way to write a thesis. Back to the brace, I am wearing it night and day and when I have it on my hand feels fine. When it is off, my little finger and edge of my hand begins to feel numb along with my ring finger. There is also a burning pain every now and then when I bend my wrist to an extreme angle. The last time this happened I was spending a lot of time on a computer keyboard programing for Lebus Mfg. Company. I expect that after a few weeks with the brace on the hand will be back to normal and then I will wear it only when I type.

We went to church early tonight so Janie could help the junior choir practice for their special. They will be singing at the National Day of prayer service that our church is having tomorrow night. We had a visitor in our services. He was a middle aged man who, if his story is true, was walking and hitch hiking his way to Ohio. Our church gave him a gift card to Wal-Mart to help him with food for his journey. He was a friendly, talkative, likable fellow. His intention was just to stop for our services and then head on his way. I talked with him for a long time and I hope he will make it home to Ohio safely.

This last picture is of a rose bush on the east end of our house. God bless you.

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