Monday, May 10, 2010


I left mother and Janie at the house and went to visit at the nursing home this morning. The services there were good. After that visit I went by the post office and then back to the house. I was going to stay at home and read while Janie and mother went to the Wal-Mart but mother looked disappointed that I was not going to go with them so I set down my laptop and head off to Wal-Mart. Mother got her material and we got some things for the yard. When we got home we went to work in the yard. Janie and mother had cleaned out the back yard flower beds while I was at the nursing home. The place is looking really good. This afternoon mother took a short nap while I worked on my thesis. When she got up from her nap we went into the dinning room and played the card came "Uno." We had to learn this game and it was easy enough. We had fun. Janie won and mother came in second. We just finished supper and are watching the news.

My brother, Steve, is off the trail for the year. He is heading home on Sunday. I am not sure how many miles he walked but I think it was way farther than he had ever walked before. I am anxious to visit with him when he returns to hear the details.

Jason and Angie are going to have a girl. The birth date will be the 1st or 2nd of September. We need to discuss with them what date would be best for them for our visit.
The first picture was taken today at Wal-mart of mother and Janie looking at material. The second is of mother while we played Uno. God bless you.

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