Monday, May 24, 2010


Janie and our granddaughter Hannah
I mowed the yard this afternoon.  It was hot out and I thought that allergy season might be over for me so I did not wear a mask nor did I take an allergy pill.  I sneezed and coughed for a while during and after mowing.  I guess I was wrong about that allergy season.
I have picked out a text and sermon for Sunday morning and night, worked on the lesson for Wednesday night, finished and emailed the bulletin for Sunday.  I am now ready to work on my thesis for the next three hours.  I just thought I would blog first.
Our oldest daughter called and they are doing well.  They are considering how they are going to spend their summer vacation.  Scott is thinking about going on a mission trip to Thailand and while he is gone for three weeks Stacie is thinking about making a trip to Michigan to see Scott's mother.  They certainly have a sense of adventure.  Travel to a country in political turmoil and drive cross country with five small kids in a used mini van.  Sounds kind of like an adventureous 52 year old man that I know who went snow sking for the first time in his life and then later tried to hike across the desert miles from any help and who still has dreams of hiking across the Grand Canyon. 
Well its off to thesis research land.  God bless you.

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