Monday, May 17, 2010

How do you spell blog?

It seems I have not blogged in so long I have forgotten how. Actually I have started a new blog today for Walnut Street MBC ( I have been extra busy and that is why I have not blogged. The cost is worth it for I did get a lot of work done. I have the MBA of Texas Church letter form online and ready to go. You can check that out at and I have also done some work for

I have a sermon on the subject of "How I Know I am Saved" just about ready to go for Sunday morning. I have not studied the Sunday School lesson yet. Wednesday night I will be preaching from Philippians chapter 4 and I always like preaching from that text. Sunday night will find us in the book of Acts learning about Scriptural Church Association, unless the Holy Spirit leads me elsewhere. Jason has not returned the bulletin to me yet so if I do not here from him by tomorrow night I will work up the bulletin and have that ready for our bulletin publisher to print out Wednesday night.

We will have Bible study in the morning and Janie and I will go down to Lorena for services there tomorrow night. In between these I plan to work on a wood project in the garage.

I would like for those of you who read this blog to give me your opinion about something. I would like to have 6 laying hens in a coop in the backyard here at the parsonage. I like fresh eggs. Should I do this or not? Is this a bad Idea? Leave me a comment please. The picture is of our two daughters just a few years ago. God bless you.

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