Thursday, May 27, 2010

Puzzle Done

The Jig Saw Puzzle is done.

We finished the puzzle.  Janie did most of it while I was reading.  I had a good talk with Jason today and he and his are doing well.  I talked for an hour with my brother, Steve, also doing well.  I "IM'd" with my daughter Sarah this afternoon, she is well.  We are now at my in-law's and they seem to be doing well.  My father-in-law has an infection so is on anti-biotics.  Hopefully this will solve the problem with his eating.  Janie and her sister, Connie, will be going with my father-in-law to the doctor tomorrow.  While they are away I am going to try to fix their lawn mower.  When I get that done I will read, read, read.  God bless you.

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