Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My children seem to have this competition going over who calls first on special days like today. The phone rang this morning and I saw that it was my oldest daughter and I answered "Your number one." In about 10 seconds our other daughter called and while Janie was on the phone I had to break the bad news to her that she was second. Mother's day in France is celebrated in June so Jason was off the hook. This picture is one I took the other day of Janie on the phone.
I am a task oriented person. When given a task I am all over it. I plan, work, and press until the task is done. Giving me a job to do is like throwing a bone to a dog. When I accept responsibility for a task I become focused on getting it done. I also have a one track mind. It is difficult for me to do multiple tasks at the same time. I am happiest when the task at hand consumes my complete attention. I would just love to drop everything and work on my Doctoral Thesis. I would love to knock that task out and git-R-dun. I have multiple tasks, jobs, and responsibilities. Juggling these so that they get taken care of is stressful.

Mother has gone to bed and Janie and I are up working. I just finished the Bulletin for next Sunday. I want to give mother some attention while she is here so I will try to work while she is asleep or otherwise occupied. Janie will take her shopping tomorrow while I am helping in the services at the nursing home. Mother wanted to know if I was going to have a busy week. I assured her that as weeks go this one will not be that busy. She is not in my way and she is not keeping me from important work. I am not too busy to take time to enjoy her company. We will enjoy playing games, working on puzzles and visiting. I will take a break from these activities to make sure that I have my work done.

The Bible is clear on the subject of the brevity of life. It is short indeed. I want to walk in it the way God wants me to. Honoring my mother and father is an important thing to God. Inviting my mother here was part of that task. It is good that she is here for Janie has been a big help taking care of mother's cut elbow. It is still looking good and no sign of infection.
Janie's Dad needs our prayers. He is not eating and drinking as he should. Hopefully he will improve this next week. Well its off to bed for me. God bless you.

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