Saturday, May 22, 2010


What was the best water you ever drank? Now don't answer to quickly, think on it. Your answer might be based on how thirsty you were.  The thirstiest you had ever been might make the water that quenched it the best water you ever drank.  To me the decision is not based at all on thirst.  It is based on relationship. My grandfather who I called "Papa" use to have a metal water jug in the back of his pickup truck.  He would put a large chunk of ice in that water jug.  I use to love it when he would pull the lid off that jug and fill it with water and let me drink right out of the lid.  That water was best because of the sweet memory it brings to my mind of my grandfather and his old black pickup truck. 
My soul was thirsty once and there was only one source of water to quench that thirst.  That source was Jesus Christ.  I tried to quench my thirsting soul with the things of this world but the best water is the true water of life, Jesus Christ.  It is the best because of the resulting relationship.  I am His and He is mine. 

I drank a lot of water yesterday.  It was 91 degrees while I was outside working. The picture is of the two girls that will be sleeping on the bunk bed.  The older one, Emma, brought me a glass of ice water while I was working.  They both were very helpful handing me screws and moving things.  I warned them that the saw was going to be loud so they should cover their ears.  The younger one, Anna, would run into the house to escape the noise.  Janie and I stayed up late last night painting the bunk bed. It is finished now and ready to be delivered.  We will do that this afternoon.  My mother called with an electrical problem.  One of the floresent light fixtures smoked when my brother put a bulb in it.  She seemed concerned about it so I will go by there on my way back to Hillsboro.  God bless you.

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