Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Tomorrow

We made it back to Hillsboro with my mother in tow. She is doing well. She was sore all over from the fall. Janie changed the dressing on her elbow and it is looking good. Mother's hand was swollen a little but is better now. We worked in the flower beds a little this afternoon. Mother brought some flowers for us to put out and they are in place. Janie was given a gift certificate to a plant farm near Tyler that has lots of flowers. We will try to go by there on our way home next week. Mother laid her hands on one of our sick tomato plants and after plucking away yellow leaves and such it looks a lot better. I think she has a special touch when it comes to plants. Mother took this first picture using my cell phone. This is her first time to take a digital picture. Next thing you know she will be blogging. The second picture is of Janie and Mother looking at the front flower bed talking about the roses.

Tomorrow is mother's day and we are expecting a good crowd at church. We will be having a special recognition of the mother's that are present. The sermon is titled "Learning from the best child ever how to honor your mother." God bless you.

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