Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Why do they call them computers when they do so much more than compute? After the Bible study this morning I spent some time reading for my thesis.  I heated up some of home made chili for lunch and then went for a one hour walk.  I spent some more time reading and then cooked some fish for supper with some fried squash and fried dill pickles.  They were mmm mmm good. After supper I watched the news and then did some work on the computer.  I am suppose to stay up until mid-night and then take down three links from a web-site.  I would probably have gone to bed about 11 anyway so another hour won't make that much difference. I have some work I need to do so the time will go by quickly.  Actually I am taking a break from my work to write this blog. 
Tomorrow will be a busy one and on Thursday we are planning to go to Canton, Texas for trades day.  Justin and Sarah are going to meet us there.  We will go on to Henderson for Friday and then back here on Saturday in time for the Blackwood Gospel Quartet concert at our Church at 7:00.  We are having lunch at the church Sunday after the services and I always love that.  Monday we are going to Dallas for the day and then a week from this Saturday is our Vacation Bible School. 
Well its back to work.  I have written computer programs in "C", "FORTRAN", "Perl", "Basic", and "HTML".  I am now learning SQL and MySQL database.  I probably should wait until I finish my thesis before taking on new software and languages.  French will be next then Spanish and Hebrew.  Maybe the LORD will return before then.  The picture is of Sarah with Ruth and Lilia. God bless you.

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