Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rain Reigns

Rain has reigned over my day today.  I wanted to get the yard mowed but the rain said no.  I wanted to watch Clint, the young man who was burned so badly just a year ago, operating his tractor but the rain said no.  I wanted to get the church bus ready to go for camp but the batteries were a problem and so that is going to have to wait for a day of two.  I needed to get the oil changed in our car but there was no time for that today.  I did manage to go to the bank, post office, court house, and office supply store.  We needed the rain so I am not complaining.
One of our church members stopped by and left us some tomatoes and they sure are good.  We were given some peaches by a couple down in Lorena and they are real good.  I am going to make some peach cobbler for the grandkids.  I like to let the grandkids cook.  It gives us quality time together.  We will make some fudge and some homemade ice cream while they are here.  I wish I had one of those old fashioned hand crank ice cream freezers.  When I was a kid we took turns sitting on the freezer and cranking that handle.  The ice cream just tastes better when you have to work for it. 
In the morning we are going to head over to Henderson.  Janie's dad has a doctor's appointment and we will need to take him.  Friday I need to help my mother with her TV unless my brother takes care of it first.  Mother got a good report from the doctor today.  She says everything was just fine. Janie will carry her mother to the beauty shop Friday then we will head back to Hillsboro. 
Stacie is about 45 minutes away from here as I am writing this.  She plans to stay with us until we go off to camp and then she is going to try to drive to Michigan to see her mother-in-law. 
The picture is one I took during the afternoon session of the National Ladies Auxiliary meeting when we were at the ABA meeting in Charleston, WV.

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