Sunday, June 13, 2010


Took a 2 hour nap between services today.  Needed to catch up on some sleep.  The nursing home and the hospital will see me tomorrow morning. The afternoon should find our yard and house looking a whole lot better than they do now.
Our services today were good and we are off to a good start on a good week. I will be back to my thesis after a week off with VBS prep and the grandkids visit.  I plan to finish that book by Marvin Pope on the Song of Songs by the end of next week.  If you pass our Jetta on your way to West Virginia you might see Janie driving and me reading. If you come by our booth at the ABA meeting in West Virginia you might find Janie manning the booth and me reading. If you are at the ABA meeting during that long afternoon session where they give various reports you might see me reading and Janie doing the listening.
The picture is of  our granddaughter, Ruth during the closing program at VBS.  She is the one nearest the only boy in the class. We are very proud of our grandchildren.  They are smart and very well behaved.  I don't know whether Joshua, our grandson, will be called to preach but I sure am praying in that direction.  He gave a speach at the closing program and it was really good.  At one of the meals here at the house we had sandwiches and Joshua made Hannah a sandwich first and gave her the heal of the loaf.  The heal is the most coveted piece of bread in the whole loaf.  Not only did he put her first but he gave her the best slice. Such thoughtfulness seems almost supernatural. He will drop what he is doing to go and help his 2 year old brother go to the bathroom and he does so without complaint.  He amazes me.  God bless you.

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