Saturday, June 19, 2010

Packing up

My mother-in-law was in a cooking mood the past couple of days.  When we arrived at her house Wednesday night she had made a lemon cake (pictured) and some brownies, both were excellent.  She also made chicken spaghetti.  She just loves that new kitchen.  Justin and Sarah came over and ate supper with us Friday night and the spaghetti was really good.  After they left we headed off as well getting back to Hillsboro about 1:30 this morning. 

We are spending this day getting ready for our trip to West Virginia.  Janie was tired so while she took a nap I went to the church and then to Wal-Mart.  We had made a list of some things we needed for our trip, so I picked those things up.  Planning is one of my favorite activities.  I planned, organized and packed our food for the trip.  We will not eat out much even though we will be gone for nearly seven days.  We have an electric tea pot, that looks kind of like a coffee pot, that will boil 10 cups of water in just a few minutes.  I am going to bring it along on our trip.  I have several dehydrated meals that I use when hiking.  They taste good and it will give us one hot meal a day which will give us a break from sandwiches.  I expect that we will spend Sunday night in Jackson, Tennessee. That is about half way and we will have to get up extra early Monday morning to make it to Charleston on time.  We have to be there no later than 2:30 so we can set up the booth.  The exhibit hall is open from noon to 4:00 so we have to get there, find the place, and get setup. It would probably have been better for us to have left today and arrived there Sunday night, but that would mean an extra night in a hotel room and I would miss preaching on Sunday morning. 
Things are shaping up well. Janie is almost finished washing clothes and so we should be all packed and loaded up when we leave for church in the morning.  We will return to the house to change into more comfortable traveling clothes and then hit the road. 
I took a walk this morning and meditated on the text and sermon for Sunday.  It will be a short sermon since we will be taking the time to recognize and honor the father's on Father's Day.  It is very rare for me to preach less than half an hour on Sunday Mornings.  I expect this sermon to be about 20 minutes long. 
The second picture is of one of our tomato plants.  I think they may be ready by the end of next week.  God bless you. 

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