Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sunday was a great day.  Our attendance was really low due to vacations.  It was very hot Sunday and Monday.  We had the Lord's Supper observance Sunday night and that was an especially good service.  Janie and I went with Sarah and Justin to the aquarium in Dallas.  The picture is one I took of them there.  We went shopping at the Grapevine mall which was an amazing place.  We had lunch there and it was really good.  The mall was very busy.  A man from one of the booths stopped me as I was going by and asked if I had ever tried the thing that he was holding in his hand.  It looked like a computer mouse and so I asked him what it was.  It was a "tens unit", I am sure that is not the correct spelling.  He put two patches on my back and started making my shoulders draw up uncontrollable.  It was in effect an electronic message.  I did not care for it.  He offered to let Janie try it but she wisely said "no,"  After making the rounds we waited for Justin and Sarah to finish shopping.  We waited in a book store and they had nice chairs so I sat down and fell asleep while Janie shopped for some books.  She found some, bought them and sat beside me while I slept.  Justin drove us home through the Dallas rush hour traffic and I demonstrated my trust in his driving by falling to sleep in the back seat.  It was great to have someone else do the driving for a change. 
Stacie and Scott arrived Monday night and we stayed up talking till 2:00 Tuesday morning.  Janie and I left before lunch to get our hair cut.  We returned to have lunch with the Manesses and the squash casserole which the two oldest grandchildren made under my close supervision came out great.  I left after lunch to come to the office at the church to do some work.  The lady who does our bulletin is gone this week so I had to do the whole bulletin myself.  I have it all copied and folded ready to put out on Sunday morning.  I am going to look at my sermon for Sunday then head back to the house. The second picture is of Janie taking a picture of Sarah and Justin.  God bless you.

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