Friday, June 4, 2010

When I Don't Blog

When I don't blog you know that I am busy, busy.  I had to help Janie with some work the past few days.  Janie and I went to Canton yesterday, the 3rd, and now we are in Henderson.  I had to take our car to the dealer for repairs.  A penny fell into the 12V power outlet and blew a fuse, which, of course, the VW engineers, in their infinite wisdom, hid up under the dash instead of placing it in, oh I don't know maybe, the fuse box!!  Anyway, $19.30 and 2 hours later it is fixed.  We will head back to Hillsboro this afternoon. 
I got 25 pages read in that book I am reading on the Song of Songs.  I have just gotten to what I consider the good part after 100 pages of reading.  I do not agree thus far with this man's interpretation but it is a good read.  
The picture is of my father-in-law back in WWII.  God bless you.l

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