Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peace and Piece at Last

I made scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast this morning.  It was good.  Janie does not do breakfast so she had a glass of milk.  We went to our respective meetings.  I walked Janie to her ladies meeting and then went over to the Missionary Committee meeting.  Each church at this meeting has one vote.  We go through all the list of requests for support from churches for the various missionaries and vote whether to recommend them to the main messenger assembly or not. There were 162 request and there was no opposition to any of them.  You might say for the first time I that I have been attending these meeting there was PEACE AT LAST.  For the first time ever we will not have an afternoon session.  It is good to see our brethren in harmony.  The Ladies will have an afternoon session and I plan to attend that with Janie.  
We are taking a lunch break right now and you guessed it we had Spam (pictured).  It has been over a week since I have had Spam so I have had a PIECE AT LAST. 

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