Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey, Paul

Hey, Paul.  How was your day? Well, let me tell you. It went like this.
Phone rang, hand-me-down slacks.
Phone rang, ring nothing lacks.
Plants out, dig in the soil.
In house, treat Janie royal.
In car, get ready church house
Saint John's, see a new spouse.
In car, off to see Sam's
To church, singing with lambs
To store, goodies to buy
On net, blog for you guys.

I got a phone call from our friends in Lorena and they have some pants they thought I could use.  Sarah called and she got her wedding ring back from the jeweler's having it resized. We set out some Moss Rose in the flowerbeds and they look good. We cleaned up and went over to the church to turn on the A/C for the concert we had tonight. We also helped set up the tables for the fellowship tomorrow.  We attended the wedding of a friend of ours at St. John's Baptist Church here in Hillsboro.  The pastor of that church was the groom and the bride was our friend.  It was a good wedding.  We had to run to Waco to get some supplies at Sam's and then we went to the concert.  It was really good.  We went to Wal-Mart afterward to pick up some groceries for our fellowship tomorrow.  I wanted to blog before heading for bed.  The first picture I took at the wedding and the second at the concert.  God bless you.

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