Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 1.5

The second half of our day has gone very well.  The ladies meeting was real good. The third picture here is of Janie at the meeting this afternoon. We manned the booth this afternoon and had a lot of people stop by to ask about the France Mission work. The first picture is of me at the booth.  We went out to eat for supper and had soup and salad which was very good.  The two sermons we heard tonight were really good.  There were several missionaries who got their request for support in late so we had to go through quiet a bit of motions to set aside the mission policy.  I am bringing back to our church a video about mission work in Scotland.  The second picture is of me and Bro. Alvin Dickerson the missionary to Scotland.  Tomorrow will be our longest day.  We go to the meeting at 9 and return to our room at 11 PM.  We got a message today from our oldest daughter that our son-in-law totaled his car in a car wreck.  He is not hurt nor was anyone else hurt seriously.  His car and the truck he hit were both totaled.  Well it's off to bed, God bless you.

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