Thursday, June 10, 2010


I got up early this morning to the sound of grandchildren and rain. I got dressed and gathered up the grandkids and headed off for McDonald's.  It was raining to hard to get the kids out so we went through the drive through.  Only my arm got wet.  We went over to the church and ate breakfast and the kids are playing in the nursery while I try to get some studying done.  They keep coming back down here to my office to see what I am doing.  It thundered loudly when 2 yr old Jonathan was in the dark hall headed for my office.  He let out a loud cry and ran to my lap seeking comfort.  The rain is about gone now and I am going to take them over to the gym to let them play there.  Janie called and said the lights are out at the house. 
Yesterday Janie and I went down to Waco to pick up some VBS supplies.  We are going to babysit while Scott, Stacie, and Elijah go to Cabelas.  The first picture is of Joshua holding his brother Elijah.  The second is of Elijah waiting for his next meal.  God bless you.

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