Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2B Or Not Be 2B

It would seem that I am too busy (2B).  When someone calls and asks me if I am busy I try not to lie but the truth is I am always busy.  I always have something I need to do or need to be doing.  I took off Monday afternoon from my busy schedule and went to visit with sister Davis over in Tyler.  It was a two hour drive over and three hours there with another two hour drive back to the house.  Before we left I thought that I really needed to water the flowers and mow the yard.  I chose to let these chores go so that I might comfort and help a widow, a thing that I felt very strongly the Spirit of God was leading me to do.  When I returned home I praised the Lord for while I put His will ahead of my flowers He took care of watering the flowers by giving us an inch of rain. My day is always going to be filled with something.  It is my prayer that each day will be filled with that which pleases God.  The first picture is of one of the Moss Rose that Janie set out in the flower beds. The second picture is of Justin and Sarah looking at them.
Sister Davis has an email address now.  If you would like to have her email address then email me and I will give it to you.  I don't want to post it here for the whole world to see.  On our next visit to see her I will give her a few more pointers about email and the internet.  She seemed happy to have learned a new skill. 
I have been very busy working on camp.  I am the registrar for camp 4 and I was on the phone today with our camp director checking on things.  Our numbers are low right now but I am hopeful we will make the minumum of 250 required for the discount rate.  We have a good camp but it seems to be going down in attendance.  I teach the Adult class at camp and I need to put the finishing touches on the lessons.  I have a sermon ready to go if called upon to preach.  I also have a cabin devotional ready. 
I worked on the sermon for Sunday and have it ready to go.  The Bulletin is ready also.  I did a special bulletin just for the fourth of July.  I still have to get a sermon ready for Sunday night.  I need to get back to my thesis but it is just not going to happen this week.  Stacie and her kids will be here tomorrow night and will stay with us through the end of next week.  I would love to take the week off and spend the whole time with the grandkids but that is not going to be possible, I am just 2B to do that.  I will have to go to the office to get some work done while they are here and hopefully I will be able to make some serious progress on the Thesis next week.  I have to admit that I have considered giving up on the thesis.  It seems my life is 2B right now.  When my mind considers giving up I think "I should not be 2B to study God's word."  God bless you.

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