Saturday, June 12, 2010

VBS, Shine Janie Shine

I went to bed at midnight but Janie did not come to bed until after 3:00 this morning.  She is taking a nap while I blog.  VBS went very well today.  We had an attendance of 30.  We stayed up late last night working on VBS.  Scott and I were assigned the task of cutting long rolls of ribbon into 24 inch lengths and cutting each in half long ways.  We thought we would do it faster by trying to cut the entire roll in half at one time.  This did not work so well. A butcher knife and a band saw were no match for Janie.  Janie had me to hold the next roll while she cut it with a pair of scissors.  She cut that roll in less than 2 minutes.  I was very impressed.  Scott came up with a jig for cutting them into 24 inch lengths and it worked fairly well.  I thought it was a real smart idea until Janie again came up with a better way.  She had me to stretch the ribbon out to the length of my arm and she cut the ribbon and in less than 90 seconds we had the whole roll done. Even with only a few hours sleep she taught the class today with great energy.  When it comes to VBS Janie shines. 
Tomorrow I will be preaching a sermon that I have preached at Walnut Street before.  About three years ago I preached a sermon on giving to the Lord.  I felt like it was time to cover that subject again.  I am sure the sermon tomorrow will only be slightly similar to the last time.  What I like about this sermon is that it covers all the major texts on the subject of giving.  I start it with a list of scriptures that I did not choose for the purpose of bringing a message on giving.  In this way I cover a lot of scripture on the subject then get to the one on which I want them to focus.
The first picture is of Janie teaching at VBS today.  I was her assistant. The second picture is of our class holding the fish that they caught when we went fishing during recess.  The horses that we rode to the lake are tied up under the apple tree where we fed the horses some hay.  When you have a good imagination there is no limit to the fun you can have at VBS.  God bless you.

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