Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday, Meeting, Mowed, Mexican

The meeting at the nursing home this morning was good and the visit to the hospital went well.  I got home and mowed the yard and watered the plants.  It took some doing but the dinning room is back to normal. I got all the VBS craft clippings vacuumed up.  The toys will take a while to find their way back to the toy closet because they have a way of hiding from our sight.
Janie was sleeping when I had fried Spam and eggs for breakfast.  Janie was busy working when lunch rolled around so I went to the Mexican food restaurant and got us a couple of  taco salads.  Supper consisted of peanut butter and crackers, mmmm good.
Tomorrow we will have Bible study and services in Lorena.  In between these two events I will work on the sermon for Sunday and the bulletin. The picture is of 2 of our grandkids at VBS getting a much needed drink after recess. God bless you.

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