Thursday, June 24, 2010

ABA, Done

The Sunday School literature is going up in price by 5%.  That was one of the actions taken by the messenger body in yesterdays meeting.  The Wednesday night service was excellent.  Bro. Alvin Dickerson preached the sermon and it was good.  It is the only sermon that after being printed in the minute book I will actually go and read it.  It contains a poem he wrote that was very moving. 
We took the booth down at 10:00 pm Wednesday night.  This morning we finished the session 45 minutes early so they voted to set aside the rule that we had to have an afternoon session and we went ahead and finished all the business early.  We checked out of the room and headed toward home.  We are spending tonight in Nashville, TN and should be home on Saturday.  The first picture is of the building where our meetings were held.  The second is of the missionaries and their families and their sponsoring pastors during the missions presentation. The third is a picture Janie took while we were setting at a traffic light this afternoon.  Thanks to the generosity and kindness of my Sunday School class we have eaten out three times, once yesterday and twice today.  I will have to admit it was better than Spam.  God bless you.

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