Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Walk in the Rain

Our morning started with a walk in the rain over to the meeting. The session this morning was good. Bro. Brooks made a comment of caution which was voted to be put into the minutes. He felt that the standing missionary committee had over stepped their bounds when they wrote a letter to a church telling them in effect their missionary should not be recommended due to his having a divorce in his background. A church split left 9 missionaries in Honduras off of this years list. 3 churches took them up as sponsors and they were added to the list making the total of missionaries this year 174. We broke for lunch and had chicken salad and crackers in our room then rushed over to man the booth. I had a good time talking about old times with a preacher who has pastored in NY since 1972. He knew my father and the man who took over the work in Ayer, Mass. It was sad to hear that the church in Ayer is not doing well. I have enjoyed the fellowship and conversations. We are now in the afternoon session. The picture is of Janie manning the booth. God bless you.

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