Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grandchildren in the House and Out

The grandkids and I had breakfast together first thing this morning.  I put them to work cleaning up after breakfast and I put Joshua to work mowing the yard.  It was his first time on a riding lawnmower.  He took to the lessons real well and then took off mowing.  It ran out of gas quickly and we had to run get some gas for it.  He got back to mowing and did an excellent job. He just turned 12 years old. It does not seem right that I have a 12 year old grandson.  How time flies. 
His mother's car had a flat tire.  It had been repaired but was still leaking.  I tried putting another plug in the tire but it still leaks.  She is going to take it to a tire store in Henderson tomorrow.  She wants to get the brakes checked also before her trip to Michigan.  I had Joshua to air up the tire and check for a leak and he found it. 
I had Ruth and Joshua cook lunch for us today.  They helped me make a casserole.  Ruth made the pasta, and browned the hamburger. Joshua cut up the onions and bell pepper and I added the spices. We added Ranch Style Beans to the mix and it was good.  I let them taste test and they both approved.  We had sandwiches for supper and we sat around the living room telling jokes.  The kids are now in bed and Janie and Stacie are going to Wal-mart to pick up a few things.  We will head for Henderson in the morning about 8:00.  God bless you.

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