Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

We started our day off with some of my mother's home made sweet bread.  I had 2 loaves in the freezer and got those out and thawed them. The kids ate them completely up.  We had pastries for refreshments at ladies Bible study and the kids ate the leftovers.  After supper we had birthday cake for Joshua.  So we have overdosed the kids on sugar today. 
They are suppose to head out for Michigan tomorrow.  I will check their van out first thing in the morning and put some new windshield wiper blades on it. 
Little Jonathan caused us a lot of hunting this evening.  He hid the remote controls for the TV and the cable in amongst the VCR/DVD's. I could not have hidden them better.  The older grandkids searched the house for an hour nonstop. I also searched and gave up.  Janie and Stacie searched for a while and could not find them.  Stacie was sitting in a chair looking at the shelf of VCR tapes and saw something that did not look just right and sure enough it was one of the remotes.  The other one was also hidden among the tapes.
I have gotten 2 bulletins ready since I will be at camp next week.  It is good to have that done. I have not picked out a sermon for Sunday yet so will do that tomorrow.  I also need to get my oil changed tomorrow and get the church van checked out.  If I have time I will get the bus inspected tomorrow also. Well its off to bed now. God bless you.

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