Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The brake system is giving us some trouble on the bus.  The problem has been identified and is being repaired.  The mechanic lacks bleeding the air out of the back brakes and it will be ready to go.  He will do that tomorrow.  It has rained a little here with some thunder and lightening.  It has cause the swimming to be canceled for today.  The kids are disappointed.  I am very glad the bus fix was not a hard one.  The picture is of a man named William.  He is a fire chief and a good mechanic.  I am so thankful he was at camp and willing to help us. 
Camp has gone well so far. The kids are all good and services and preaching have been great.  The food has been good.  I suppose that walking around in the hot and humid weather all afternoon gets you ready for supper.  I am headed there next.  I will post some pictures here of camp that I took today.  God bless you.

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