Monday, July 19, 2010

Passed With Flying Colors

"Passed with flying colors" comes from sailing ships that, when passing other ships at sea, would fly their colors (flags) if they wanted to be identified. I worked on the bus today.  I went to the court house and got the registration tag for the window.  I had Janie help me with the lights.  I wanted to make sure it would pass inspection.  We had a brake light out and I put a new bulb in along with repairing the ground strip.  I put it back together and since it was 100 degrees outside I did this without Janie so she would not have to be out in the heat.  I went back to the house and got her so she could tell me if the brake light was fixed and it was.  I drove the bus to the inspection place and it passed with flying colors.  I have filled it up with fuel and it is now ready to go to camp. 
I was working on the church bulletin this morning here at the house and heard what I thought was my neighbor mowing his lawn. I kept working and later looked out to see that it was my yard that had been mowed.  One of our church members, knowing we were gone last week and would be gone again next week, drove his mower over to our house and mowed our yard.  It was a very nice thing for him to do.  I called and thanked him for being so considerate.  The yard looks really good.  
Janie is at the ladies auxiliary meeting and will be back in about a half hour.  We were given some fresh corn by one of the farmers in our congregation.  I have shucked the corn and have it ready to cook.  I am going to go and get that cooked and have supper ready by the time Janie gets home.  God bless you.

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