Thursday, July 22, 2010

Prep 4 Camp

Wednesday morning Janie and I made a trip to Waco to pick up a few things we needed.  We got the briskets which we will cook Friday for the Ladies Auxiliary meeting Saturday.  We had a good visit with the couple that reworked our bus seats.  They are doing well.  We invited them to the meeting Saturday and hope they will be able to come.  We returned home and I worked on camp registration while Janie worked at her job.  There are 4 things I have to do to prepare for camp.  The first is to make sure I have done my job as registrar, the second is to prepare lessons for the adult class, the third is to prepare a sermon to preach, and the forth is to pack.  (#1) I reviewed all the camp registration double checking everything to avoid mistakes.  I think it is all ready to go. I keep telling my father-in-law that if anyone asks him to be camp registrar that he should not walk but run away.  Computers and Internet have helped this process a lot. (#2) I just finish reviewing my lessons for camp.  I have entitled the camp lessons "The Good", "The Bad", and "The Ugly."  It is the story of the prodigal son from Luke chapter 15.  Most people would say that "The Good" is the Father of the story, "The Bad" is the prodigal son, and "The Ugly" is the older son.  That is not how I will be labeling them.  "The Good" is the prodigal, "The Bad" is the father, and "The Ugly" is the older son.  I label them thus because of how they make me feel.  The prodigal makes me feel GOOD because I think I AM BETTER THAN HIM.  The father makes me feel BAD because I think HE IS BETTER THAN ME.  The older son makes me feel UGLY because I think HE IS ME. (#3) I have a sermon picked out for camp and have a copy of it in my Bible. It is entitled "How We Know We Are Saved."  (#4) All I have left to do is to pack and I will do that Sunday afternoon. 
We left after church last night for Henderson.  This morning Janie is with her mother at the eye doctor, my father-in-law is sleeping in his chair, and I am blogging. I am going to go for a walk next and then up town to pick up some materials to make Janie some props for the skit they will be doing Saturday.  The picture is of the other side of our bus with its new name.  God bless you. 

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