Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Safety Yellow

We had a good Bible study this morning.  Janie and I went out to eat for lunch and then went to Wal-Mart to pick up some Safety Yellow spray paint.  We went home and changed clothes and then went to paint the church bus.  The name of the church from whom we bought the bus could still be seen on its side.  I painted over the old name and Janie and I put the new name on the bus.  The paint dried quickly in that 100 degree sunshine. 
This evening I will attend the Hillsboro City Counsel meeting.  I will be opening that meeting with a prayer.  I will work on my studies this evening and tomorrow we will make a run down to Waco for some shopping.  We will also deliver some audio CD's of our morning services to the Faith church down in Lorena.  I will be cooking two briskets for the district ladies auxiliary meeting which will be at our church Saturday.  Since we are planning a trip to Henderson on Thursday and returning to Hillsboro on Friday it would be best to cook them Friday night so they will be fresh for Saturday.  I cook them very slowly in soy sauce, liquid smoke, and brown sugar.  It is a recipe I got from a man whose name is Joe Snow.  I use to work with him at Lebus.  
Next week we will be a church camp.  You get very little sleep at church camp.  I am trying to get as much sleep this week as I can.  That probably won't help me at all but I like to think it does.  Well I am off to the City Counsel meeting. God bless you.

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