Saturday, July 24, 2010


Manna in the Old Testament means "What is it."  Janie and some of the ladies at church put on a skit which Janie had written.  In the skit she needed a prop that looked odd and would be something nobody would know what it was so she made something out of PVC pipe and fittings and painted it different colors.  The item and the lines associated with it got a good laugh from the crowd.  The meeting went very well. One of the young men of our church, our sound man, was there to help.  He ran the sound system and helped us move everything back so we would be ready for Sunday morning services.  I am so thankful for him!!  I am also thankful for the faithful ladies of our ladies auxiliary!  The food today was really good.  Janie and I have spent the rest of the day getting ready for camp.  The first order of business this afternoon was to take a nap.  Next week we will be getting very little sleep.  We leave at 5:30 Monday morning so we start with little sleep and have no hopes of getting any quality or quantity of sleep for the next four days.  When we return home rest assured we will take a good long nap if the Lord is willing. 
Tomorrow I will be preaching from Psalm 2 and Psalm 31.  I have finished packing and just have a few loose ends to tie up and then I will be ready for camp.  This second picture I took during the skit.  God bless you.

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