Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cost

My last trip up the mountain cost me. I brought back with me an untold number of Red Bugs or Chiggers as they are some times called. Camp continues to be good. Chow line is long long. But the food has been worth the wait. We had chicken strips for supper. As a result I had two Rolaids for a bed time snack. I enjoyed the sermon last night and the quiet time yesterday morning. Janie and I sat by the creek during quiet time and it was very peaceful. The first picture is the view from the top of the mountain.  The second is of Tommy, one of the sponsors from our church.  He is a Master Plumber and a great guy.  He climbed the mountain with me the first time.  The next picture is of Janie making her way up the trail ahead of me.  The last picture is the view we had during quiet time.  The camp grounds are very large and we have walked, like, many many miles, dude. God bless you.

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