Sunday, July 18, 2010


We celebrated Ruth's birthday on Saturday. She is 10 years old. They left this afternoon to head home.  We will be seeing them again next week at Pine Springs Baptist Camp in Laneville, Texas. We enjoyed the grandkids and we are now enjoying the peace and quiet. 
We had good church services today and our attendance was up from last Sunday.  The business meeting went well.  We talked to Jason on Skype and he is doing well.  They have scheduled Angie's C-section for the 31st of August.  We will arrive in France on the 28th of August.  It sounds like they will keep her in the hospital at least 5 days.  We are scheduled to depart on the 10th of September so that should work out real well.  We will be there to help them with the kids while she is in the hospital plus four more days with the new baby at home.  It has worked out good that we have saved our two weeks of vacation to spend it all with Jason and Angie.  We have to leave Jason's house at 2:00 the morning of September 10th to return to the airport in Barcelona, Spain.  I would guess we will not get much sleep that night.  It will be a tiring trip but very much worth it.  The second picture is one I took Saturday of Janie with the kids watching TV.  God bless you.

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