Friday, July 16, 2010

Back Home

You may want to read my older posts since I have cleaned them up and added pictures.  We left camp this morning and after stopping twice for gas we made it home about 1:40 this afternoon.  The church van got 9 mpg which is a far cry from the 45 mpg I am use to getting.  Camp ended on a really good note.  The last worship service was outstanding.  Janie has already washed my clothes and has them ready for the camp which is week after next.
Stacie and her kids made it back to our house this afternoon about 3:00 or so.  They had a good trip.  The back door of their van has a broken part and I have ordered the parts and will have it fixed tomorrow afternoon.  We enjoyed seeing the kids and they are in bed now.  I have a lot to do tomorrow so had better head for bed myself. 

The first picture is of Janie watching the kids on the ropes course.  The second is of Janie and Linda watching Watermelon Polo at the swimming pool.  The third is of Janie and the girls from our church group.  The fourth is of the last worship service.  God bless you.

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