Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are at camp.  This first picture is of Janie and I in the cafeteria.  The second is of Janie with our church group.  All is going well. Services were good last night. The young preacher who spoke did an outstanding job! I can not post pictures with my cell phone so will have to post them later. I slept very well for the 1st night at camp. We walked the hiking trail to the top of the mountain. My sisters would laugh at me calling that a mountain but it sure felt like one by the time I reached the top. The only place I can get a cell phone signal is on the top of the mountain. That means if you are reading this I had to have climbed to the top again.
This camp is very good. Those who organize it are all volunteers and they put a lot of work into it and it shows. I do have one fear. I fear that the words "dude" and "like" are going to creep into like all my sentences dude and like I won't be able to like stop it dude. God bless you.

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