Friday, July 23, 2010

Don't Let the Rain Come Down

We got in our car yesterday to go over to my mother's house for a visit and discovered that the windshield wipers would not work.  I took it to the dealer this morning and they said it was the motor that was bad.  They did not have it in stock so it won't be fixed now until after we get back from camp next week.  I asked the man what am I going to do in the meanwhile.  He said "Pray it doesn't rain."  The whole thing is going to cost us $375.00.  We leave for camp on Monday and don't get back until Friday next week.  We will take the car back to Tyler the following week probably have it fixed on Thursday which means two weeks with no wipers.  I may have to ressurect our Chevy truck and get it back on the road.  I did meet some interesting people while waiting for the car.  One man in his 70's was a song writer and musician.  It turns out he is the first cousin of the lady who fixes my mother-in-law's hair.  I am not sure how he knew but he asked me if I was a baptist preacher.  This puzzles me because I am not sure how it shows and why baptist.  I did ask another lady in the room where she attended church and she knew a preacher friend of mine from the Henderson area.  I did talk about my son being a missionary in France and that we were about to make a trip over to see him.  I was friendly and talkative with everyone that came into the room and I did give my chair to a lady who would have had to stand.  Maybe that's why he asked.  The tone of his question was such that he expected a "yes" answer.  Well I confessed that I was a baptist preacher and we had a good long talk about a song he wrote called "Wagon Tracks."   You can find a lot of videos on of this song and it is a good one.  After I left the dealer my son-in-law, who just got back from Thailand, called me.  It seems his ignition switch went out on his car and he had to walk home from the post office so that made me look on the bright side.

Janie is pictured with a lap full of grandkids.  I think one of her favorite thing to do is to sit and hold the grandkids.  Soon they grow up and you can't hold them in your lap so she gets as much time in as she can.  God bless you.

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