Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Go Day

Today was go day for Stacie.  She left out this afternoon for Michigan.  It has been go day for us as well.  We left about noon and went down to Waco to visit one of our church members in the Hospital.  We got home about 4:00 and found Stacie gone so we do not know what time she left exactly.  We did talk to her tonight and she made it to a motel in Arkansas and is doing well.  We had more in attendance tonight at church than we normally do.  We covered a very difficult verse and had good discussion.  Janie and I are now headed for Henderson.  The computers are down at Sullivan Supply and so Janie can not work tonight.  She is driving while I blog.  I will be taking my father-in-law to the doctor's office tomorrow and possibly to the dentist as well.  I won't know for sure about that until in the morning.  We will arrive in Henderson about 1:30 in the morning.  Sleep really is over rated. You don't need as much as you might think. Janie will take her mother to Tyler on Friday and I plan to install a new radio in our car.  I have read the instructions and it seems fairly easy to do.  We shall see.  I may post some photos of that process.  The picture is one I took the last time we were in Henderson.  Janie had just caught up to me and the grandkids as we were out for a walk.  God bless you.

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