Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back From Camp

We had a really great time at camp last week. Two girls that came with us to camp were saved. We made it home on the bus without any problems.  It was not as hot as I had expected that it would be.  The bus made the round trip on 3/4 of a tank of fuel. When I fill it up I will calculate the mileage for I am curious to know how many MPG it gets.  The picture was taken on Friday morning right before we left camp to head back to Hillsboro.
Our daughter, Sarah, called us Friday after we got home and told us Justin and her were coming over for a visit and to spend the night.  We took a short nap before they arrived.  We always enjoy their visit.  Saturday morning we got up and went with them to Canton trades day.  When we got home Justin put a new battery on our old pickup truck and drove it back to their house with Sarah following close behind in their pickup truck.  We gave them the title to the truck and hope they can get some good use out of it.  It has been setting in our yard without being used for over a year.  It was a shame for it not to be put to use.  We will drop the insurance on it Monday.  I am sure that in a few years we will buy us another pickup truck for they are a handy thing to have. 
We are about to head to church this Sunday morning.  It is suppose to reach 104 today.  I will be preaching from Matthew chapter 19 this morning and from Psalm 101 tonight.  Tomorrow I preach at the nursing home and Tuesday down in Lorena.  Next Sunday I will be preaching revival services in Kilgore, Texas.  God bless you.

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