Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday in France

Sunday morning services at Carcassonne
I had my usual breakfast this morning even though I am on vacation in France.  One half of a peanut butter sandwich and I was ready to go.  The service this morning was outstanding.  There were at least 50 people there in a room no larger than the room where we have our ladies Bible study at the parsonage in Hillsboro.  The singing was amazing and though I could not understand the words, the French language is beautiful to hear both spoken and sung.  Jason sat between Janie and I and whispered the English translation of the sermon.  A preacher from England was the guest speaker and he did a great job preaching the word.  I told the preacher afterward that Jason either preached me a good sermon or he translated one for me.  The people in this church are truly joyful and a pleasure to be around.  They had some first time visitors besides us.  It was just wonderful to worship with them.  Next Sunday I will be given time to address them and thank them for being such a tremendous help to Jason and his work in France.
I was able to hear and see our services at Walnut Street on Skype.  Bro. Slocomb did a really good job.  Our music director also did a great job filling in for me doing the announcements.  We went for a walk this afternoon and it was a beautiful day, clear and cool about 75 degrees.  Supper smells really good, I better go see what it is.  God bless you.

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