Monday, August 9, 2010


This picture was taken at camp of our grandkids sitting on the nurses golf cart.  Camp is like revival to me.  I think it would be good to take a whole church to camp for revival.  Have all the members of the church stay there for a whole week with out any worldly influences like TV, radio, mp3, and  Internet.  You could have three worship services a day and good fellowship.

The church for whom I am preaching revival services is about the same size as the church that I pastor.  Their auditorium is the same basic design as ours only much smaller.  The singing has been outstanding.  They have a good choir that sang in both the morning and evening services.   Last night a quartet composed of members of the church sang three songs and they were really good.  I really enjoyed the services yesterday. A couple that I use to pastor at Gum Springs visited the morning services.  Sunday night a young woman who I also use to pastor came to visit the services.  They had a fellowship after the evening services and we stayed a long time visiting with the folks.  I am looking forward to this evening's service.  The pastor of the church is going to take us out to eat for supper.  He is a good pastor and a very close friend with our son, Jason. 
Today is Janie's uncle's birthday.  He turned 93 today.  He is doing well for 93 and they plan to have a birthday party for him at noon today.  I plan to call Hillsboro today and see how things went Sunday at the services there and see how our sick ones are doing.  Wednesday is visitors day at TBI and I plan to be one of the visitors though I am technically a student.  God bless you.

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