Thursday, August 19, 2010

It Shouldn't Be

I took our car to the dealer today for them to fix the windshield wipers.  When they replaced the motor they got it all out of adjustment.  I waited for one hour and then they came saying it was ready to go.  I got to my car and the blades were parked about 2 inches higher than normal.  I got in tried them out and they were worse than before.  I went back in and complained and one of the employees came out to take a look and agreed immediately that they were not right.  I waited another hour and this time they had them fixed.  I met Janie and her mother at the beauty shop where Janie took the car back to Henderson to take care of her dad while I went with her mother to the doctor's office.   Afterward we stopped for gas and some groceries.

Janie and I took a long walk this afternoon.  It was very humid but only about 85 degrees.  Is it unusual for a 57 year old man who looks up and sees his wife of 37 years walking down the road toward him as pictured above for his heart to leap and joy to fill his mind?  It shouldn't be.

We will head home in the morning and attend a concert at our church tomorrow night.  I have begun to pack for our vacation and will continue that process Saturday.  We have to prepare food for the fellowship at our church Sunday so I will go to the store and get what we will need for that.  57 plus one day has been good.  God bless you.

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