Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vaction time is Here

Me at a graveside service 8/25/2010
The funeral this morning went well.  It was a very small group of people.  I saw there great love and compassion which thrilled my heart and filled me with joy.  The mother of the one who died has lost all three of her children yet she is like that bear over their on the back of our couch.  Though life has dealt her the heaviest of burdens she was able to smile and say like Job "the LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD."  It was 73 degrees at this service which was a lot better than the 104 at the last one. 
Our services at church were very good.  We had an unusually large attendance for a Wednesday night service.  I am going to miss our people while we are away but 2 weeks will go by all too quickly.

Thursday of each week is my official day off.  So I am going to start my vacation now.  I have my suitcase all packed and ready to go.  Half of my suitcase space is taken up by things for Jason and Angie. The other half is mine. I meticulously rolled my clothes up like firewood and laid them in place.  It is a work of art. I should take a picture. There is not one, NOT ONE, item in Janie's suitcase as yet. Now don't get me wrong she has been busy and I could not have mine packed if she had not gotten my clothes all ready to go.  I am going to try to print out our boarding passes tomorrow night to see if we can get good seats.  Our standards for good are low we just want seats together and not on the last two rows of the plane.  If I am not successful we should be getting there early enough to get good seats.  I am already praying for the person that sits next to us.  God will bring into that 10 hours of our life whom ever He deems best.  It may be that we sit next to a person who is even now praying for us.  Wow, what a thought. Well I have much to do.  God bless you.

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James Gray said...

Bro. Paul,
I hope that your vacation goes well and is enjoyable. I will be praying for you and Mrs. Janie while you are gone. Please tell Jason, Angie and the kids that I said hi and that I have been praying for them.