Monday, August 16, 2010


We had great services yesterday and business meeting went well last night.  I worked all afternoon on the bulletins for the next four Sundays.  I finished three of them and finished the fourth last night before heading to bed.  I am taking an idea from Dr. A. J. Kirkland who was the man who started the Baptist Monitor publication.  He had a cartoon in his paper called "Funs a Popin."  This character gave Dr. Kirkland a tool for giving words of wisdom in an interesting and pithy way.  I have created a cartoon character for our church bulletin called Eli.  He and his pet lamb will brings words of wisdom and truth to light in a humorous way.  I am not an artist as you can tell.  I drew Eli but the lamb was drawn by a real artist. 
Janie and I are headed for the nursing home service and then to the post office and bank.  We have a package that Jason needs right away so that will be our first order of business.  My son-in-law will preach his first funeral today and I have been praying for him that all will go well.  I am confident he will do a great job.  We have a busy week as usual with Nursing home, Hospital visit, Dorcas Circle, Ladies Bible study, Church at Lorena, Wednesday night, Thursday doctor appointments for Janie's parents, Friday concert at the church, and the list goes on.  God bless you. 

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