Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday in France

One last group picture then off to the hospital
Monday's on vacation should be good and this one was.  I went with Jason and Caleb to three stores to do some shopping.  We bought groceries and fueled up the car (over $6.00 a gallon).  We went back to the house where we ate an assortment of left overs for lunch.  Angie packed and Lilia and I escorted her and Jason to the hospital by way of a couple of stores. Lilia and I waited for them in the waiting room and then Jason came and took us to her room.  We got her settled in and then Lilia and I drove back to the house.  I had no problems at all driving in France.  The signs are easy to read since you don't have to read them they are mostly pictures.  The GPS also gave me much confidence.  Janie and I fixed the kids supper, hot dogs, and then took them for a walk up the hill in front of the house.  We are letting them watch a little TV before heading them to bed.  We are going to the hospital tomorrow about 1:30, when the visiting hours start.
The Hospital room.
I got a phone call that one of our church members had died.  His funeral arrangements will be made tomorrow.  I wish I could be there but it is just not practical at all and hugely expensive.  I suggested to the family that they might get one of our former pastors to do the service.
You know you are a grandparent when you want to go to bed the same time the grandkids do.  Janie and I are going to head for bed now that the kids are in bed. Looking forward to tomorrow and Arianna's birthday.  God bless you.

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