Monday, August 2, 2010

Hospital Day

With this picture I am telling on myself.  As you can see I am doing about 50 miles per hour while taking a picture of my dashboard.  Pulling stunts like this could have me in the hospital rather than visiting there.  It was 107 degrees and it felt like it.  It reached 103 here today. 
Two of our church members are in the hospital.  I visited there once on Sunday and two times today.  I will check on them again in the morning to see if they have been released, hopefully they will be.  Janie and I will head over to Henderson tomorrow night after services in Lorena.  Our car has an appointment with the dealer at 8:00 to have the windshield wiper motor replaced.  We also have an appointment Wednesday night to share our France Mission work with a church in Palestine, Texas.  I have been blessed to have a couple of men in our church that can stand in for me at a moments notice for Sunday nights, Wednesday nights and Sunday School.  I had to call on one of them yesterday and, as usual, he was eager to help. The other man upon whom I so often call (pictured below standing with me) is filling for me while I am on Vacation in France. Bro. Roy Culley will be preaching in my place this Sunday morning and I believe the people are really going to like his message.  Bro. Jim Slocumb will be preaching the two Sunday mornings I will be on vacation.  I will listen to their recordings when I return from vacation. 

We will spend a week in Henderson with Janie's parents so we can be close for the revival services.  I am looking forward to the services and have looked through many sermons allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me in choosing what would be best for the people there.  I have much work to do so had better stop this blogging and get back to it.  This second picture was taken two years ago at our local Baptist Association meeting.  God bless you.

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