Monday, August 23, 2010


The day started off hot and progressed to hotter.  I went to the funeral home this morning at 10:00 and visited with the family of the man whose funeral I would preach at noon.  I stayed and visited various ones until the service started at noon.  One of this man's cousins told me that when he was young he loved cats and had about 2 dozen as pets.  They did not have enough table scraps to feed them all so he would go bird hunting with his bb gun and bring back a sack of dead birds to feed his cats.  His love for cats never faded. 
I was wearing a black suit with a black tie on what must have been the hottest day yet this year.  The forecast called for 104 but it was much hotter than that.  The picture is of the bank sign down town Hillsboro this afternoon and the other I took just before it of my car's thermometer.  If you notice the clouds that tells you it was also humid. I have no idea what the heat index was but it made me want to stay in doors.  I kept the graveside service very short for most of the people had to stand out in the sun during the service. 
Janie and I went to a family visitation tonight which is connected to the funeral we will attend in the morning.  It is suppose to be cooler tomorrow they say only 100. 
Janie is working and I have been packing and helping to sort clothes for washing.  I run all clothes washing questions by Janie and she rises from her work and takes charge.  She is right to not trust me with the clothes washing.
The funeral I was to preach tomorrow has been postponed for now.  I am looking forward to Friday and vacation time. I plan to take pictures everyday while on vacation and post the chosen ones here on my blog.  I am expecting this to be a great vacation.  God bless you.

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