Monday, August 16, 2010

Make My Day

This picture was taken when we visited with my mother the other day.  She is showing Janie her leg that is healing nicely.  We had a good visit.  In the left of the picture you can see my shoe.  It is a sandal that I bought at Wal-Mart.  They are very very comfortable.  I may go hiking with them they are that good. 

We went to the nursing home this morning for the services there and to visit with our friends.  One man told me "You make my day when you come to visit."  I suppose that that expression could be taken in different ways.  I might have made his day miserable or really worth living. The phrase is used in the since of the best thing that has happened to you that day.  What a feeling it is to make someones day.  Janie often makes my day. Prayer and Bible study often make my day. Visiting people who are shut in often makes my day.  Tomorrow I plan to make a couple of visits between the morning ladies Bible study and the church services in Lorena.

Janie is at the ladies auxiliary meeting and I am going to watch some news and then do some Bible reading.  I am really looking forward to our vacation in the South of France. God bless you.

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