Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby its Hot Outside

The tabernacle at camp was cold each morning. The picture is of Joshua holding Jonathan who was all wrapped up in his dad's coat.  We could have used some of that cold here today.  We had a good Bible Study with the ladies, a good meeting with the lady from Meals on Wheels making her aware of a few problems, the church letter forms and reminder for our local Baptist Association are in the mail, the yard is mowed and the hedges trimmed, our clothes  are packed and soon we will be off to Henderson.  I am blogging while Janie prepares Jason's monthly report so we can drop those off before we leave town.  I only lack loading the car with the luggage and the France missions booth. 
We are going to have the car repaired in the morning and then head down to Palestine where we will present the France Mission work to Grace Baptist Church.  I plan to blog daily and there are several things I want to do while over in Henderson this next week such as duplicate our first date, go see a movie, take a long walk, and catch up on some sleep.  I do not plan to work on my thesis this next week giving my fullest attention to the revival services.  When I return from France the thesis will be on the front burner again.  God bless you.

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