Saturday, August 21, 2010

Good and Loud

Janie and I on the way home
Janie about to head for Curves
We arrived home from Henderson safely this afternoon. Janie worked for Sullivan Supply all the way home while I drove (I took this first picture with my cell phone while driving, a thing I would not recommend doing).  I went by and turned the A/C on at the church for the Teen Concert. Afterward Janie went to Curves (2nd picture) and I went for a three mile walk.
The group that came to sing, "Awaited Return"  were very good.  They sing contemporary christian music and it was loud.  The words to the songs were projected upon the screen and the words to the songs were very good.  The kids like it loud and I like it scriptural so I put ear plugs in and we were both happy.  We had an attendance of 50 at the concert. The third picture is one I took from where I was sitting during the concert. 
It is past midnight now as I write this blog and later on today we will go to the hospital to visit one of our church members there.  We also need to pick up some groceries that we need for the fellowship on Sunday.  I have composed my thank you notes and need to pick up a box tomorrow and get those in the mail.
Teen Concert at Walnut Street MBC
Next week is going to be a really busy one. I preach at the nursing home Sunday afternoon, go to the nursing home on Monday morning for a visit, go to a family visitation at the funeral home Monday night, attend the funeral on Tuesday morning, go to Lorena for services Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday pack suitcases and get things ready for our trip.  Friday morning its off to the airport.  We are really excited about our trip. I will be taking my laptop computer with me and will try to blog each day so stay tuned.  God bless you.

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