Thursday, August 5, 2010

Janie's Feeling a little Better

Judging from this picture you would never think that this was a cure for a problem with your hand.  I discovered that when I sit in my chair to work on my laptop computer that I rest my elbows on the arms of the chair while I type.  This was causing part of my hand to go numb. I stacked enough seat cushions in my chair to make sure that my elbows don't touch the arms of the chair and it sure seems to help.  I looks kind of funny though. 
Janie slept good last night.  She has eaten a small bowl of chicken noodle soup and has gone to lay down again.  I think she still has a little fever.  So far I feel fine.  I am hopeful that I will not come down with what ever it is she has.  I will be starting revival services Sunday and need to be well for that.
I am blogging while my mother-in-law is making buttermilk pie.  I helped her with the peas, cornbread, sourcrout and wieners.  When the cornbread comes out of the oven we will ask the blessing and dig in.  My Father-in-law's doctor's appointment went ok.  He really did not feel up to going and thought about canceling it.  Some of the hoops they wanted him to jump through he just could not do so they took it easy on him.  Well the corn bread is done and the pie is in the oven now so lets eat.  God bless you.

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