Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Adam invented a lot of things when he ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Headache is one I could live without.  I was going to go to the opening day at TBI but I woke with a headache, the kind that makes me nauseated.  I had to get some work done so I did that and then took a pill and went back to bed. 
Janie and I visited yesterday at the place where she use to work in Henderson.  The picture is of Janie and the lady with whom she worked for so many years. We had a great visit catching up on what all has happened since our last visit. 
The Revival services have been really good.  They have been well attended.  Tonight I plan to preach on the subject of "Bad Things About Heaven."  This will close out the revival tonight and tomorrow I will take the day off and relax and spend some time away from it all with Janie.  We plan to go swimming.  The only time I go swimming these days is at camp with the boys.  I like to swim and probably should do more of it for it is good exercise and easy on the joints.  We are also going to do some sight seeing and take a walk down memory lane to a time 37 years ago when we first dated. Its back to Hillsboro on Friday and I miss home.  We have Christmas in August Saturday with the choir and I can't wait.  Choir is so much fun!  Well I am going to work on the sermon for Sunday but first its time for another pill the head is starting to pound again.  God bless you.

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